The Tuscany of Health and Wellness

For centuries, Tuscany has been one of the most popular destinations for travellers from around the world; it’s a place that everyone wants to visit and explore. The age-old culture of bathing in thermal spring waters and the Mediterranean culinary tradition make Tuscany an international health and wellness destination.
That still remains true, although nowadays, its appeal is not limited to its treasures of art and history.
In fact, Tuscany contains a large number of natural springs and retains a culture of well-being that can be traced back thousands of years to the Roman Empire and Etruscan civilisation. The benefits of thermal spring waters, which are naturally warm and rich in minerals, have been sought throughout history. In the eighteenth century, Francis Stephen, Grand Duke of Tuscany, commissioned a spa residence to be built upon a spring by the gates of the city of the leaning tower, which has now become the Bagni di Pisa resort.
Thermal springs are an essential ingredient of any health and wellness experience, but Tuscany’s offering is much more elaborate and incorporates the latest scientific research, the science of the Mediterranean diet and the influences of spa culture from all around the world.
Anyone arriving in Tuscany in search of a spa experience wants the full package, incorporating travel and exploration, wellness and health. There are different ways you can approach this.
One is to find wellness at the spa: a way to let go of stress and tension in the soothing warmth of the waters, all accompanied by spa treatments such as massages.
The beauty of the rural landscape and the villages plays a vital part of such a holiday: relaxation and the opportunity to completely disconnect from stress go hand in hand with the pleasure of touring and perhaps also the pleasure of traditional Tuscan cuisine.
Another approach is to use these days to get the best results for your health, not just right now but for the future too.
If that’s your plan, you come to the spa in search of new knowledge, taking this opportunity to learn how to improve your diet and lifestyle, and above all, for once you have returned home.
Tuscany has a great deal to offer in this respect, with its outstanding establishments and spas. With their expert guidance you can learn ways to manage your diet and exercise and ways to tackle and reduce stress-causing factors.
In addition to the waters of the thermal springs, there is also a meticulously planned nutritional offering and knowledge about Mediterranean ingredients and their preparation to make foods that are both healthy and delicious.
This isn’t about going on a diet - it’s the start of a new approach to food.
You will feel real benefits straight away, providing immediate satisfaction from undertaking the experience. Find your ideal weight, detox, awaken your body and acquire the knowledge and motivation to maintain the benefits.
The professionalism of the spa staff makes the whole process pleasant and never stressful.
The water from the thermal springs revives, relaxes and regenerates. You will gradually and naturally rediscover physical exercise, leaving behind the sedentary habits that work and life often force upon us.
Technology is an asset too; spring waters increase its effects thanks to modern hydro-massages, and state-of-the-art analytical techniques define the best health and wellness experience for each individual.
Oriental massage and relaxation techniques, or the middle-eastern culture of hammam are welcome additions; when learned and applied with care and attention, together they offer benefits for both body and mind.

Tuscany is the perfect setting for all of this, with its natural surroundings, thermal springs and cuisine that combines health and gastronomic enjoyment.
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