24 hours of sport

The southern coast of Sardinia is a paradise for sport-lovers at any time and in any season.
If you ask an athlete to describe their ideal day, they will probably tell you something different depending on their favourite sport. Nevertheless, there are bound to be some recurring aspects: green surroundings, nature and fresh air, a bright day, a comfortable temperature.
And to be surrounded by a landscape they can admire, making every moment of their training or competition unforgettable. A setting you can feel immersed in. Anyone who trains at a sport knows that beauty is a powerful aid to achieving the right mental state to push your own limits.
All of these things, the ideal climate, the nature and beauty of the surroundings, are the precise description of the south of Sardinia. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, the southern coast of Sardinia has a climate suitable for outdoor sports year-round. The sunny days in winter and the cooler hours in summer are almost magical to experience. Sportsmen and sportswomen can be surrounded by the smell of the sea and of the Mediterranean scrubland as they train, as the coastal roads and rural paths make a stunning training ground for runners and fans of racing bikes and mountain bikes.
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That’s what makes Chia Laguna, the bespoke sports resort on the south coast of Sardinia, such a strong magnet for all enthusiasts. Only a mile away from the beaches, a clear and vibrant sea, spectacular coastal roads and stunning routes through the great outdoors, it also offers state-of-the-art sporting facilities with courts and pitches for many different sports.
Let’s imagine a sporty day in the south of Sardinia, perhaps at Chia Laguna, starting early, at sunrise, in early June. You enjoy a breakfast that is light but rich in energy, before putting on your trainers, shorts and the essential high-visibility vest. Running at sunrise here is an experience for the senses. The surrounding silence enables you to listen to your body and concentrate on every step and every breath. The air is fresh and the smell of the scrubland breaks down distinctly into the smells of all the aromatic plants. Some of the beaches have the right consistency to run on the sand, which is an activity to be approached with caution but that is indescribably satisfying.
At the same time, cycling enthusiasts are enjoying a more substantial breakfast and getting ready: preparing their bike, water bottles and some lightweight technical equipment to take with them. A route along the coastal roads takes up the whole morning, with an energetic elevation profile alternating between flat sections and brief but intense climbs and descents featuring bends demanding great technical skill. The scenery compensates for any feelings of fatigue; at the top of every headland the road offers an unrestricted view of the sea with beaches opening up at the bottom of each descent.
If you opt for mountain biking you will set off at first light too, having prepared your route by GPS navigation the night before, with your water pack and indispensable energy bars. The hills directly facing the sea offer rugged but highly satisfying routes that will challenge even the most able riders. The goals for mountain bike riders can be nature reserves, oak forests, disused mines and archaeological sites hidden in the countryside.
Triathlon enthusiasts can also take on training in the sea: a light wetsuit maintains your body temperature and the water surface is perfectly still and calm.
If your game is golf or tennis, you can wait a few more hours before heading to the green or the court. If you choose the right moment to start your match, you can enjoy some of the brighter hours of the day and stop just in time before the sun comes out in full force.
Meanwhile, keen divers are heading down to the diving sites. Meticulous preparation and safety checks take time but the day is long and, with a few rest breaks, they conclude by going back in again in the late afternoon.
With their surface marker buoy, mask, flippers and possibly their camera, all snorkelling fans have to do is choose what time to spend diving and which areas to visit. Southern Sardinia offers spectacular diving opportunities for all skill levels.
As midday approaches, it’s time for the other aquatic sports. This is when you can hit the seas on a stand-up paddleboard, a fun and effective way to train and tone your physique.
Windsurfers and catamarans and the like stay put until the wind picks up between midday and mid afternoon. This coast is a paradise for them, with clear and warm water and consistently reliable wind.
On days when the mistral wind blows, when only the most skilled go out to sea, the kitesurfers hit the water, while in the most exposed parts, the waves build up to make a great training ground for conventional surfing.
In the middle of the day the beach begins to fill up. This is perhaps a good time to enjoy the peace and quiet at the resort and enjoy its large, outdoor semi-Olympic swimming pool to train your swimming technique.
Then, with the gradual passing of the afternoon, beach volleyball courts pop up on the beaches and football pitches fill up for technical training sessions in the evening.
The cooler temperatures in the afternoon are once again ideal for tennis, or to kick off football and table football matches that carry on into the night under the floodlights.
The evening is time for stretching, or running if you prefer this time of day. For all the other sport-lovers, now it is time to think about food, relaxing and planning the next day’s sport activities.
There are other roads, other paths to travel, other sandbanks to explore and new goals to achieve.
The weather forecast is predicting sun and mild temperatures, and your fellow adventurers already have hundreds of ideas and suggestions. One holiday won’t possibly be enough. You’ll want another holiday, another season. Southern Sardinia still has so much to offer.